Known Issues

This post will discuss known issues with the Kouri-Vini version 1.0.2, and an explanation of the issue.

  •  “The keyboard keys pop-up when I tap them, but I cannot see the letter.”
    • On the standard iOS keyboard, the keys pop-up when you poke them. The reason is that (1) it gives the user good feedback that they have performed an action and (2) it is a way for Apple to offer various character options. Unfortunately, Apple limits custom keyboards so that they cannot pop up above the highest point of the keyboard. I cannot completely say why this limitation exists, but it keeps me from letting the keyboard work as well as theirs in this regard. I am going to consider ways to make this better.


  • “When I select the keyboard in the settings, it says ‘Vini’ under it. Why?”
    • I ask myself the same thing. It seems to come from when I enter the ISO639-1 code for ‘Louisiana Creole’ in order to declare Louisiana Creole as the primary language.


  • “The buttons are different to press than I am used to on the Standard iOS keyboard, this messes up my typing.”
    • I myself am aware as I use the keyboard regularly. This is something I am working on for the next beta release. This release is more of “proof of concept” to make sure the concept is good, the next release will polish it some more.


  • “If I hold the ‘backspace/delete’ key, it doesn’t do anything.”
    • Right now, I have only programmed ‘delete’ to delete one key. I found this myself and I simply need to add functionality so that it continues to delete text if the user holds the button.

Edit: 5/5/16

  • The next version will the hyphen “-” off of line #2 onto line #3, and have “ê” on from line #3 on line #2 with all the other vowels. (Thanks Oliver for pointing this out!)

I will track any other issues as they become known.


8 thoughts on “Known Issues

  1. On my iPhone here in the UK, in the keyboard language list, I saw “Kouri-Vini” all as one word. I did not have the backspace/delete issue. I agree re ê on diacritic “page” exchanged with the hyphen.

    The only “issue” I have is cosmetic and a bit functional and that is the width of the individual keys. With big big cane farmer fingers, it’s almost impossible to type.


    Will the key language also be in KV? E.g. space, return, tab, etc.


    The “123” tab, could it maybe have at least one vowel with a diacritic over it, just so that users know that that tab contains numbers and accented letters?


    1. Great ideas. Thank you.
      What would the KV be for “space” and “return”?

      Regarding the key width issue, that is something I have noted being a little bit of an issue. Does the width of the standard iOS keys cause problems? Or would it help to possibly be wider than those?


  2. A few additional things:
    (1) What iOS device do you have? iPhone? iPad? What Generation/Model is it?

    (2) My choices for making the buttons larger are limited. What do you think regarding the following:
    (a) Would it be alright for me to remove ‘q’ and ‘x’ since they are not used in KV? Or would that be disorienting? If I removed them, the buttons on row 1 and 3 could be larger.
    (b) Currently only “ê” and “ô” are on the keyboard. Have you come across other vowels where you needed the circumflex, but did not have it? If so, having more vowels with circumflexes becomes a hard problem for the keyboard.
    (c) I can make the keys larger so that there is only little space between them. Do you think that would help? I can try that in the next beta version if you are interested.


    1. Yes! Remove Q and X! I had not noticed them there.

      The circumflex is used on all vowels, actually. ê and ô are most common.

      Could there be 3 menus? First, the present front letters. Second, all accented letters, including â, î, û. Third, punctuation, numbers and other symbols? English has 3 menus, for instance; at least here in the UK. That should make more space to widen each key a bit more than they currently are. If you could get them to same size and spacing as English, that’d be good.

      Space — léspas
      Return — bæk
      Delete — oté

      I have an iphone 5s, latest IOS, mo


      1. There are currently 3 menus. If you didn’t find the 3rd menu, that is probably my fault in regards to design. I think on many keyboards, the text ends up showing up as “…” but it was made to be “}#%” but generally doesn’t fit.

        I will try to see what I can work out in regards to putting in the 3 more vowels and moving the numbers. I will likely release a new beta soon for you guys to test these issues. Is the width issue primarily with the vowel page?

        Also instead of changing “123” to have a vowel, I think I will make is just say “more” in KV. What would be the appropriate way to say “more” in KV for this instance?


  3. Note that I did not personally add “Dr.” Lol It’s on my profile so automatically lists me as such on all WordPress forums.


      1. The issue will be avaliable space. I can give it a try.

        I asked about page 2 because as far as I can tell, many of my buttons are almost the same size as Apple’s, but there is some variance: some rows have 10 keys while others have 9 or so. (Buttons are programmed to resize in order to fit the available space. So in the rows with more keys, the keys all become smaller so that they can all be the same size and fit alright). I can tweak and try different things until we get something that works well. 🙂


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