The Path Forward

With the most recent build, the main keyboard functionality is nearly set in place. I want to do more extensive testing, but I also want to create additional tools soon. One of the ideas has been connecting the keyboard with a dictionary for Text-Suggestion and Auto-Correction. However, I have other ideas too.

I’ve sketched one of my larger ideas below:


With this idea, I would have 3 tabs: one tab that has the Set-up Instructions; a second tab that leads to a forum like chatroom for Kouri-Vini use; and third tab that would lead to resources on the history, orthography, and use of Kouri-Vini.

The current App icon shows four people together. And in a way, I would love if the app could provide a common connection point between Kouri-Vini speakers in and out of the diaspora. I would also want to make a dynamic list of resources to help Kouri-Vini speakers easily access information regarding their language.

I am currently taking tiny steps towards setting this up and testing it. The first step I am working on right now is learning how to use Git-Hub as a Version Control System (VCS) so I can feel more freedom in changing large amounts of code while making sure the root code can be returned to if needed. Once I am able to use the VCS, I think I should be able to create the forum aspect easily. Hopefully this will happen soon.

If you have any thoughts, you are welcome to share.


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