Build 7: Suggestion Bar

As of today, I have released Build 7 which has a suggestion bar. The suggestion bar remembers the recent words that are typed and offers them when you are typing. The is a step to making sure that the Kouri-Vini Keyboard has the most functionality and is as useful as I can make it. I may also look into altering the suggestion bar to make it offer words based on frequency or other parameters, but that may come later.

Part of the purpose for the current build is to test the code for the keyboard and make sure that it is stable.

Note: the Settings is now a little more hidden than it was before. To get to the settings, you hold the Globe Key and then the Settings Button will appear. Unfortunately, there were two parameters that I did not set properly for Build 7 and may need to change for Build 8. These parameters are “Allow Lowercase Caps” and “Quick Switch”. “Allow Lowercase Caps” defaults to “Off” and as a result, the keys are always upper-case. I would prefer to have the default to being “On”, so I will fix this. I have also added the “Quick Switch” which makes it so that after typing a vowel, the keyboard returns to the first page. Currently, it defaults to “Off” but I would like to default to being “On”.

As always, notify me regarding any problems that you have with the keyboard.

Thank you.


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