Kouri-Vini App

The first version of the Kouri-Vini App has been released and can be downloaded for iPhone and iPad here. There are a few bumps and future releases to come, read about that below.

The Kouri-Vini App is an app which allows users to enable a keyboard specifically designed for Kouri-Vini’s unique writing system. The app also provides access to other Kouri-Vini resources such as the Louisiana Creole Dictionary which provides English -> Kouri-Vini searches within the app. (The Web version allows both English -> Kouri-Vini and Kouri-Vini -> English searches.)

The App has also integrated the Kouri-Vini Orthography guide published by the Louisiana Historic and Cultural Vistas (LHCV).

The known issues right now is that the iPad keyboard is basically a large iPhone keyboard. I am hoping to make the keyboard specifically deigned for iPad soon. Additionally, Apple adds additional keyboard keys to large iPhones while they are in landscape mode; the Kouri-Vini keyboard does not do that yet.

A small error on my part was that the images presented in the UK App store are old and need to be replaced. Unfortunately, this was not caught before I submitted my app for Apple’s vetting process.

Another thing I hope to fix in regards to the next release is some issues regarding the WordStore. The WordStore keeps track of the words that you type in Kouri-Vini and then offers them in the Predictive-Text bar. Currently, the WordStore is not kept between versions. I am hoping to resolve this in the next version. If you have additional input regarding the Predictive-Text bar, please share it so that I can make it better. I have already received some feedback, but need to sift the pros and cons of how to manage the word suggestion.

Again, if you have feedback regarding the App, please write to me.

Also, please share the App with others who use the Kouri-Vini language.


4 thoughts on “Kouri-Vini App

    1. Thanks for letting me know that it is wanted for Android. I will be looking into what would be necessary to make it available for Android. If you know others who would be interested in it too, let them know about the app. Honestly, it is really really helpful for me to know that people are interested in the app and keyboard.


    1. Hello Chasidy, thank you for writing.
      The short answer is “No, probably not.”
      Here is the long answer, as well as suggestions regarding ways forward: Unfortunately, since I am not part of the Kouri-Vini community, it is hard for me to get consistent feedback to maintain the app. In fact, you are really the only person I’ve heard from since it was launched. Maintaining the app requires an Apple Developer License and updating the app when the programming language updates… since I am not actively programming, I have not maintained my Developer License and I am not keeping up with updates.
      If someone else wanted to use my work and re-launch the app under their own Developer License, that would be possible. (Developer License costs $100/yr.) Otherwise, there are other alternative keyboard options such as the app SwiftKey. (I believe SwiftKey lets individuals set up the keyboard for themselves; I haven’t had a use for it but others have referred me to it.)
      Please let me know if I can provide any other information or help.


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